Anti-Fatigue (AF) Charge Bar

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The Anti-Fatigue (AF) Charge Bar, patent pending, is a simple & practical way to fight off fatigue and improve performance by tapping into the palms of your hands. In less than two years of existence, the made in Idaho device is already being used in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and across the NCAA landscape.

Research has shown incredible improvements in work capacity, strength and endurance with the addition of palm cooling to rest breaks during exercise or breaks in the action during competition.

How does it work?
As we exercise our body and muscle temperature increases. This increased temperature leads to a decrease in our muscle’s ability to contract and also decreases our motivation to continue working. This is a protection mechanism to prevent overheating. However, during strength training or interval training we can use palm cooling to fight off this fatigue by cooling the blood circulating through our hands.

What is so special about the palms of the hands?
The palms are covered by glabrous skin. Glabrous skin is hairless and has an amazing network of veins and arteries underneath called arteriovenous anastomosis (AVAs). This special network creates a highly efficient system for controlling body temperature.

How to use the AF Charge Bar:
It is incredibly simple to use the AF Charge Bar. Prior to your workout, practice or competition be sure to cool your charge bar by sticking it in a refrigerator or refill it with cold water. The tool is designed with a certain type of metal and density that allows it to keep its temperature for up to an hour when filled with cool water. Ideally, the temperature of the AF Charge Bar is between 45-60 degrees Fahrenheit (7.2 – 15.5 C) when being used. You can determine the temperature of the device by looking at the thermometer in the cap. The thermometer dips into the water inside the device which is what drives the temperature of the bar.

To use the AF Charge Bar after it is cooled, simply hold the bar during rest periods. Rest periods could be between sets of strength training, while resting between high intensity intervals, during time outs, half time breaks or during breaks at practice. Anytime you’ve been exerting yourself and you want to keep your effort level higher for longer, hold your AF Charge Bar.

What Makes This Product The Coolest Thing Made In Idaho?

This device has taken an idea that was shown to work by Stanford researchers and made it accessible to anyone's budget and practical for use in any situation or location. The company headquarters is in Sun Valley and the device is manufactured in Caldwell and Nampa. AVA Cooling Technology is also a veteran owned business as the founder and owner, Kyle Sela, spent 7 years on active duty with the US Army including a deployment to Iraq.
The whole idea of the device is to cool the blood that circulates through the palms of the hands...what else in Idaho could be Cooler?