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Our chips are best described as Old School Potato Chips, something your grandmother might have made as a treat in kitchen. Or perhaps if you grew up on the east coast the potato chips that delivered to your door in a tin as a child . Made FRESH very week these potato chips are a skin on russet hand cut in 3 different thicknesses fried in peanut oil to that Beautiful Golden Brown Color that only a russet potato can bring and That Fresh Potato Flavor is topped off with an AMAZING Peanut Oil Finish and That's Only the beginning…. From There They are seasoned to perfection….Whether it be salt from Utah or one of our 14 different flavors (some of our flavors you can only find here) These Potato Chips are a WORLD APART from anything you have ever had.
Our Flavors Include:
Fry Sauce
Aged Cheddar Jalapeno
Pina Colada
Buttery Garlic Sweet Onion
Sal's Brooklyn Pizza
Smokey Bacon Cheddar Horseradish
Salt Lake Plain (salted)
Big Cheese
Naked and Free (unsalted)
Ketchup and Fries
2 Tortillas salted and cheesy spicy taco

What Makes This Product The Coolest Thing Made In Idaho?

Dare we say " ONLY THE BEST POTATO CHIPS YOU HAVE EVER HAD IN YOUR INTIRE LIFE" yes we dare Here at Atomic Potato Chip Company we are just keeping it Old School, we use only locally grow russet potatoes from Wada farms and our salt comes from Utah because we like to keep as local as possible. And Where else can you find potato chips that make your fingers smell like a campfire or That Salty Sweet Goodness of a PB&J Potato Chip That leaves your brain saying " ITS SO GOOD but not right" while you lick your fingers saying Oh My Gosh! And you cant find these potato chips in any store just.......( HERE IN IDAHO )and That Makes Us The COOLEST Thing made in Idaho!
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