Basecamp Class Obsidian Recycled Cooler

Rotomolded hard cooler made from 100% recycled resin diverted from an Idaho landfill. Available in 20, 28, and 48 quart sizes. Proudly made in Nampa, Idaho.

What Makes This Product The Coolest Thing Made In Idaho?

Manufacturing things has a cost, an environmental impact. We don’t yet know how
to completely negate that, but we’re learning how to do more with less, to reduce
waste and minimize our consumption of raw materials without compromising on
quality and durability.
Our Obsidian Basecamp Class hard cooler is the result of asking questions, testing,
observing, refining and repeating. Its rotationally molded, seamless shell is made
from 100% reground and recycled linear low-density polyethylene resin – material
that is endlessly recyclable in the right hands, but too often ends up in landfills and
oceans. Its core is Ecofoam, the most environmentally friendly hard cell insulation
currently available. Its rock solid handles are black anodized aluminum, the most
recyclable of all metals.
Its aesthetic is intentionally understated. It doesn’t cry out for your attention; it just
does its job. That job is to provide best in class insulation while being rugged enough
to have a jeep parked on it or survive being thrown off a roof while fully loaded.

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