Chemical and Gas distribution systems

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Diversified Fluid Solutions offers equipment, field support services, controls integration and technical expertise to meet highly stringent manufacturing process applications needs. We have over 600 installations of high purity fluid management systems with advanced state-of-the-art instrumentation, integration and control. We serve the semiconductor, solar, life science, advanced research laboratory and other markets. DFS fluid management systems increase process windows, improve process yields, optimize floor space, minimize downtime and generally lower overall operations costs.

What Makes This Product The Coolest Thing Made In Idaho?

Semiconductor fabs need efficient solutions for their individual bulk gas system equipment needs. Our gas systems portfolio offers a diverse line of ultra-high purity gas handling equipment and support services. The right equipment from our broad selection of mass customizable gas systems are designed to maximize efficiency, increase overall lifetime and lower life cycle cost for your high purity process utility equipment. Our equipment can provide advantages in: Safety Productivity Environmental compliance Product quality Delivery/control solutions for a wide variety of gas types/source configurations: Gas pipeline controls Fractional distillation, onsite and ASU plants Bulk liquid gas pad equipment Tube trailers or ISO’s Dewar & micro bulk systems Dewar filling stations Bulk specialty gases (toxic, corrosives & low vapor pressure chemicals) Flammable & reactive gases Flow control equipment we typically provide: Pressure control, filtration & purification skids Flow meter skids Backup system interface control skids High pressure interface & pressure let-down skids Tank interface control skids Vaporization & low-temp shut down controls We have the resources to evaluate and provide custom solutions specific to your individual process equipment needs. Having the right support is crucial to the efficiency of your business and our gas system solutions can deliver for the entire life cycle of your process utility system.
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