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Safeguard’s COMPASS® is the world’s first personal voltage and current detector. This tiny device attaches to the underside of any standard hard-hat or fire helmet giving the user easy-to-see visual and audio alerts whenever they are approaching anergized threats. COMPASS® is the only PVD on the market that that is capable of detecting electricity that hides behind walls, underneath the rubble, and underground. COMPASS® provides 360-degree detection as well as visual directionals so users can identify where the threat is coming from. It’s an always-on, always aware solution to electrocution.

What Makes This Product The Coolest Thing Made In Idaho?

Every year hundreds of lives are lost to electrical accidents. In 2015, three ambitious University of Idaho undergrad students wanted find a way to protect their loved ones when working around power systems. This led them to develop the first prototype, COMPASS® - a wearable voltage and current detector. Since its patented design in 2017, COMPASS® has saved over 34 lives in the utility industry and added protection for journeymen linemen, firefighters, telecom workers around the world.

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