databot™ is a power-packed wireless, multi-sensor scientific tool that brings the world of live sensor data to life instantly and makes exploring sciences, coding, machine learning, and AI easy and exciting. This tiny (1.67″ x 1.67″) brilliant microcomputer is packed with high-tech, science exploration fun. databot™ fits in the palm of your hand and with the touch of a button collects information from 16 included sensors that measure motion, temperature, altitude, air quality and more! Data streams instantly to provide engaging experiments in science, coding, and technology in every learning environment imaginable. Now in use world wide and in major school districts throughout the United States, databot™ is disruptive, educational technology that is transforming the way students learn science and technology.

Paired with the included smart app, Vizeey™, streaming and exploring data of all kinds begins with the tap of an icon – it’s the easiest way to begin visualizing and exploring real data.

What Makes This Product The Coolest Thing Made In Idaho?

There is no educational technology on the planet that is a better value for educators looking to inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and explorers to become world change agents! One device empowers students to explore science phenomena in chemistry, physics, earth science, and life science with engaging lessons and activities. Further, it is completely programmable with light, sound, and expansion ports for integration with other systems ranging from LEGO® robots to drones. databot is simple enough to be used by 3rd graders exploring science but advanced enough for technology educators to teach IOT, Machine Learning and Edge Computing, Artificial Intelligence, home automation, and more.

Tiny enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but rugged and versatile for all kinds of STEAM explorations, you can launch databot on a rocket, control a robot, create an interactive light show, fly a drone mission, collect environmental data, and so much more. What on planet Earth could be cooler than that!!