Diamond Z Horizontal and Tub Grinders

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Based in Caldwell, ID, Diamond Z has been manufacturing the Biggest, Baddest mobile and portable grinders in the world for more than 40 years. Our grinders crawl to the jobsite on tracks, or are towed on a large trailer chasis. From there they proceed to make reusable material from storm damage, green waste, construction & demolition debris and more. The machines literally grind up the material and make a big pile of mulch for re-use elsewhere. We are the brand of choice from crews who clean up after hurricanes and other natural disasters. They know, like we do, that Nothing Outgrinds A Z!

What Makes This Product The Coolest Thing Made In Idaho?

Our grinders can be found around the globe and they are renowned for being the toughest and most reliable in the business. They begin as a solid piece of flat steel, and our skilled team crafts and assembles them into a finished machine that may weigh more than 100,000 pounds!