E3 Lightweight Aviation NVG

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ASU’s new E3 Lightweight Aviation night vision goggle is the lightest U.S. manufactured aviation goggle on the market – more than 30% lighter than the AN/AVS-9. Offering higher performance with the latest image intensification technology, intuitive adjustments and greater look-under and look-around viewing.


►          30% lighter than currently fielded systems
►          Lower total helmet weight reduces neck strain – -390 gram NVG
►          Durable, military-grade aluminum & titanium construction
►          Highly intuitive adjustment & innovative front focus
►          Collimation set for life
►          Backward compatible with legacy ANVIS mounts & battery packs
►          Less maintenance due to fewer parts
►          Highest available EM I/EMC shielding
►          Increased eye relief
►          Greater unaided look-under, look-around viewing
►          High FOM, GEN Ill white phosphor image technology
►          Patented technology and design

What Makes This Product The Coolest Thing Made In Idaho?

Night vision goggles play a pivotal role in enhancing the safety of pilots during nighttime flights. These advanced optical devices offer pilots a significant advantage by enabling them to see in low-light conditions, which is crucial in the dark skies. Additionally, the innovative E3 model of night vision goggles boasts a remarkable feature that significantly benefits aviators: it is approximately 300 grams lighter than its predecessor the AN/AVS-9. This reduction in weight is a game-changer, as it translates into reduced strain on a pilot's neck and back during extended flight missions. With the E3's lightweight design, pilots can focus more on their mission objectives and flight performance, while simultaneously experiencing improved comfort and reduced fatigue, ultimately contributing to their overall safety and mission effectiveness.