Elevator Smoke Containment Systems

Flexible smoke and fire opening protective systems are the focus at Smoke Guard. In fact, we introduced the first smoke-rated opening protection for elevators more than two decades ago. Today, we specialize in reclaiming usable space and providing invisible code compliant protection with innovative flexible smoke- and fire-rated curtains that deploy when smoke is actively detected to allow valuable time for occupant egress and fire suppressant systems to go to work.

What Makes This Product The Coolest Thing Made In Idaho?

Important life safety solution for enabling building occupants time and space to egress from a building fire. Uniquely Idaho, our elevator product deploys to magnetically seal the elevator opening from vertically migrating smoke. The product was initially designed by a Boise-based architect to solve a particular code solution. We sell it world-wide and proudly proclaim our made in Idaho and made in USA roots.

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