IA2K Pack System

The most versatile hunting pack system on the market. The design is perfectly suited for the hunter wanting the perfect daypack.

The Initial Ascent pack system is a module system that allows you to interchange the various bag options to fit your needs. We offer five bag configurations (ranging from 850 cubic inches to 8600 cubic inches) that all work off the same frame and suspension. We offer two frame sizes; the Integrous frame designed for torso lengths 17″+ and the Invictus frame, designed for females and youth with shorter torso lengths. 

What Makes This Product The Coolest Thing Made In Idaho?

Frame - Integrous & Invictus:
The triaxial weave carbon fiber/composite structure provides the greatest strength to weight ratio on the market. We’ve tested every possible combination of materials. We’ve worked with two engineering firms. We are confident in delivering a frame that is not only comfortable, but provides the ability to haul extremely heavy loads. The key to the frame’s design is its shape. This allows the heaviest load to be positioned in the center of your back by spreading the weight over your hips, minimizing muscle fatigue and shoulder strain. To stay cooler in hot conditions, the shape maintains air flow around your back. The frame also follows the natural curvature of your spine, providing extreme comfort in all conditions.