Idaho Iron Pine Axe

Such an awesome functional piece of Art.  United States Patented for Iron Pine LLC and available exclusively through Iron Pine Brand is the Idaho Shaped Axe.  THIS IS NOT A TOY but rather a functional tool that is also a work of art.  A perfect gift of any outdoorsman, Idaho lover, camping enthusiast.

The design of the Idaho Shaped axe started with our copyrighted design for a t-shirt back in 2017.  I instantly saw the potential to create a functional product.  This process has taken me several years.  I worked with Hawley-Troxell to submit my patent application to the US Patent office and it was successfully approved and patented for Iron Pine LLC.  Since then I have worked with Boise State University’s New Product Design Lab, Tech Help, and Vessel to figure out prototyping, sourcing of materials, marketing, small scale production, and small scale distribution.

What Makes This Product The Coolest Thing Made In Idaho?

We are currently in production with 200 units and hope to have a larger production, depending on demand.  I am a woman and minority owned business and everything has been 100% funded by myself.  I am excited to have come this far and am passionate about my brand.  Thank-you for your consideration in this contest.

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