Impulse Air Moderator

Manufactured in Meridian, Idaho – A unique and innovative airgun moderator. Made out of lightweight anodized 6061 Aluminum. The Impulse Air Moderator is the only modular airgun moderator available on the market. The Impulse Air moderator works with a variety of calibers and offers a palate of vibrant colors to choose from. Superb silence with amplified color – this is “Silence Amplified.”

What Makes This Product The Coolest Thing Made In Idaho?

Introducing the ONLY modular airgun moderator on the market. Designed and manufactured with science and innovative engineering, Impulse Air delivers superior sound quality and forced air stripping to ensure better accuracy when shooting down range with a variety of calibers. Customize and amplify the aesthetic of your airgun with several accent colors to choose from.

Much quieter than the competition, the Impulse Air Airgun Moderator has a dB rating of 121 (IA-1200) and 127 (IA-1350). Additional baffles are available to purchase to decrease the dB even more!