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Over 15 years ago In the Ditch® invented the first sidepuller and received a US Patent. Sidepullers™ were designed by In The Ditch ®specifically for tow truck operators. The SP Series™ SidePullers™ are a robust system of towing tools available to those who want to get more out of their carriers or wreckers and maximize their trucks casualty handling potential. In the Ditch® offers a range of models whose capabilities scale from 8,000 lbs. all the way to 20,000 lbs. of winching capacity, and they mean nothing but business. Every cut, bend, weld, and wire were intended to be used by towers who need the best. We know things can get tough, we want to be there to help towers get through each event by out-pulling, out-working, and out-performing.

This is a beast of a machine, providing towers with peace of mind.

What Makes This Product The Coolest Thing Made In Idaho?

Nestled in the heart of Mountain Home, Idaho, In the Ditch® was born, reflecting the resilience of our Owyhee mountains and the ingenuity of our blue-collar community. We are dedicated men and women driven by diverse skill sets and passions.