Karmik Decals

“This is a lost and found for outdoors men and women….Super cool idea!”

As avid outdoor folk, we understand how it feels to lose gear. We also know the feeling of finding gear and wanting to return it. We made Karmik so your gear is easily returnable and Karmik rewards the finder for you. We have a 78-90% return within one day. 

The inherent goodness of those in our outdoor recreation communities is noble. We believe that getting your lost outdoor recreation gear back and building a trusting community of outdoorsmen and women ought to be as easy as scanning a QR code. 

Idaho is unique and innovative, rough and rugged, full of good people and adventures just like Karmik. 

What Makes This Product The Coolest Thing Made In Idaho?

This product fits all the cool things we do in Idaho. From watersports to snowsports, fishing and hunting, camping and hiking, photography to power tools; this product is as diverse as Idaho's people. Karmik Outdoors is an Idaho brand but through its rental platform and white-labling service, it aims to elevate other Idaho brands. Karmik Outdoors strives to use local products and services for its business needs.