KinExA 4000

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The KinExA 4000 is the newest instrument from Sapidyne that allows researchers to accurately measure molecular binding interactions. Understanding binding interactions and having accurate affinity and kinetics data are critical in the early stages of drug and vaccine development and dosing strategies. The KinExA 4000 is considered the most accurate and sensitive biosensor ever developed. Researchers can measure antibodies, cells (native and engineered), small molecules, unmodified molecules, lipids, viruses and more. It can even rapidly detect PAH concentration in water, making it a critical tool for oil spill detection, monitoring, and cleanup.

What Makes This Product The Coolest Thing Made In Idaho?

KinExA instruments are developed, designed, and manufactured in Boise, Idaho. Our instruments have been used to develop some of the most widely used therapeutics and vaccines in the world that have saved thousands of lives. KinExA instruments can be found in the majority of major pharmaceutical companies and research universities around the world. With the pandemic putting a spotlight on our industry and science, I can't think of a more important or cool thing made in Idaho than an instrument that plays a critical role in the development of many of the vaccines and treatments for COVID-19.

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