KleanTek Sanis 275™

Salt is added to water and sent through a process involving electricity causing the the molecules to separate producing two solutions; sodium hydroxide (“Catholyte”), which is an excellent natural cleaning solution, and hypochlorous acid at near neutral pH (KleanTek Sanis 275™ aka “HOCL/Anolyte”), which is a superior broad spectrum sanitizer, effective against bacteria and viruses. KleanTek Sanis 275™ is safe for human contact, has a stable shelf life, and is EPA registered.

What Makes This Product The Coolest Thing Made In Idaho?

With all of the harsh, toxic, and unsafe disinfectant products being used in today’s envrionment, KleanTek Sanis 275™ is an effective and SAFE alternative for better sanitization efforts. Interestingly enough, this technology has a proven history for over 45+ years internationally, where toxic products have been banned. Why is this product so Cool? Because it provides a level of comfort in knowing you are using something good for you, your family, your planet, AND IS MADE IN IDAHO with distribution in the western U.S.!

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