Leather Apron

Our handmade leather apron is made from full grain Horween tannery leather with solid brass hardware and hand-peened rivets. It can be used in many settings by chefs, grillers, bartenders, welders, solderers, barbers, and gardeners, to name a few. The straps are made from thick 9/10oz belt leather. Use this apron for decades and still be able hand it down to your kids so they can fight over it.

What Makes This Product The Coolest Thing Made In Idaho?

-Handmade in a 140 year old bank vault, viewable to the public
-Moderately customizable to suit the job
-Built to last generations
-Looks friggin rad
-Made from USA tanned full grain leather
-It’s all about the details: Each element has a function, but looks good doing it.