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The MicroLite Saw is a compact ultralight hand saw with an aggressive blade designed to help you quickly build fire and shelter. The non-slip ergonomic handle fits comfortably in either hand . The saw weighs just 21g (0.74 oz) and is less than 6.1 in. (15.4 cm) long. Perfect for camping, hiking, hunting or as part of your survival kit.

The MicroLite saw comes standard with a superior-quality High Speed Steel blade made by Bosch of Switzerland. The teeth aggressively cut through wood, plastic, bone, or even ice. The blade cover snaps over the blade for safe storage in your pack or kit

The handle works with any T-shank jig saw blade.

What Makes This Product The Coolest Thing Made In Idaho?

This Saw is a very unique product designed specifically for outdoor use in situations where weight and compact dimensions are important. At only 21g (.74oz) and about 6" long, it easily stows in any pack or emergency kit, or even a pocket. Its perfect for making campfires, emergency shelters and general bushcraft work. The MicroLite saw also accepts any T-shank jigsaw blade, so you can customize the blade for the job at hand, and easily find replacements at any hardware store.
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