NeuroBlate Optical Probe

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Fiberguide industries (now Molex) builds fiber optic assemblies for a multitude of applications and is building an optical fiber probe that allows precise and minimally invasive laser ablation (destruction) of brain tumors for our partner Monteris Medical. It forms an essential part of the NeuroBlate system which is the only minimally invasive, robotic, laser thermotherapy that uses MRI-guided surgical ablation technology designed specifically for use in the brain.

What Makes This Product The Coolest Thing Made In Idaho?

When performing surgery the hole cut into the body needs to be as small as possible, allowing minimal collateral damage as well as faster recovery times. This probe has an optical fiber (which directs the surgical laser to the tumor) that has a dimeter of 0.6 mm (1inch = 25mm) allowing a hole being drilled into the brain to be very small (around 1 to 2 mm). The probe is directed to the center of the tumor using an MRI and the tumor is ablated inside-out by firing laser pulses through the optical fiber. It is being used by brain surgeons in hospitals around the world to save lives every day. NeuroBlate provides precise and maximal brain lesion ablation for patients without the invasiveness of an open neurosurgical procedure. The precise nature of the procedure helps lessen the likelihood of harm to nearby healthy tissue.

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