Potatoes, as well as many other fruits and vegetables, are increasingly being used as raw materials for differently formed products.
Forming is a complicated process, resulting in a highly vulnerable end product. Moreover, a producer needs to be able to quickly switch between different forms. A highly vulnerable product combined with the lack of ability to switch between forms can have a significant effect on the production and output of product.
The Nex-Gem Rotary Former helps to take care of both of these issues.

Features Include:
Quick Change Inserts
One Touch Product Setup
Fully Enclosed Unibody
Automatic Programmable Logic Controller Adjustments
On the Fly Weight Adjustments
24″ Head with 8 rows
Uniform Product Weights
Servo Driven Product Thickness
Automated Wash-In-Place
Increased Capacity
Long Life CAM Bearings
Operation Intelligence

What Makes This Product The Coolest Thing Made In Idaho?

The Idaho Steel Nex-Gem Rotary Former is truly the ‘COOLEST THING’ in the processing industry. It uses state of the art controls, product change out, and automation. These features of the Nex-Gem+ Rotary Former give producers the leading edge and a better end product.

Nex-Gem Formers are on every continent on the planet, except Antarctica. They are used to create some of the most iconic potato forms known, such as McDonalds Hashbrowns and other global items such as Tots. See for yourself: