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Pump Automation Controller (“PAC”) is designed and manufactured for highly reliable, remote monitoring and control of pumps and a wide range of sensors, including flow, pressure, depth and soil moisture, amongst others. Using a custom-designed board made by Silicon Mountain, it offers the greatest flexibility on the market for electrical inputs and outputs, from 12VDC to 600VAC, and communications, all common analog and digital protocols. The design enables sticking to a single hardware model with variability achieved through customizations to configuration files for a single device or a portfolio of devices. The PAC is a proprietary design assembled for Polaris Energy Services by its sister company, Control Dynamics, using commercially available components.

The PAC connects to the Polaris cloud via cell or satellite networks and directly to the utility’s Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems using the OpenADR protocols. The OpenADR board is a specialized component sourced from Universal Devices; its integration with the PAC and ability to work or not work in ADR mode is proprietary.

The PAC is designed to accommodate virtually any communications type (cellular, satellite, LoRA, etc.), and several communications protocols are utilized (TCP, UDP, FTP, SMS, Http, Https) to maximize reliability and minimize cost in any environment. Communications are efficiently optimized for low-bandwidth environments, and the onboard processor and memory enable continued operations and enforcement of schedules when network connection is lost. The PAC only transfers data through the most efficient channel given the task at hand, which maintains data costs at an average of $5 per PAC per month. The PAC is fully resilient to interruptions in communications and power and can be configured and updated remotely. In short, Polaris built all the processes, building upon existing and future remote communications infrastructure, to allow the big IoT platforms to take advantage of AG IoT. Polaris technology takes agricultural IoT out of the field.

The Company has a suite of configuration tools that makes device registration and activation easy and fast which significantly impacts the speed and cost of onboarding customers. As an example, the entire process of adding a device to Polaris’ network including registration on the VPN and Cell network, currently Verizon/KORE LTE Cat-1, takes about five minutes, significantly faster than other technologies.

What Makes This Product The Coolest Thing Made In Idaho?

This product enables farmers to meet labor, climate and water challenges to grow crops profitably while integrating with the electrical grid to enable it to operate with cleaner renewable power and earning revenues for rescheduled energy usage.
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