PRONATIV® Native Whey Protein

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PRONATIV® is a higher-quality, less processed form of protein that contains greater amounts of leucine – the dominant amino acid for muscle-building – along with a completely neutral flavor profile. This means PRONATIV works faster, tastes better and goes easier on the stomach than traditional whey proteins. PRONATIV® offers unrivaled purity, potency and taste. For fitness-lovers who want higher quality performance. PRONATIV gives you protein in its purest form.

What Makes This Product The Coolest Thing Made In Idaho?

Using Lactalis' unique cold filtration technology at its facility in Nampa, they are able to extract PRONATIV directly from milk with minimal processing. This preserves the whole protein, allowing Lactalis to deliver the most complete, raw, and nutritious form of protein available anywhere. Just protein in its purest form, filtered from only one ingredient: milk. But not just any milk. Milk that’s ethically-sourced from Idaho dairy farms hand-picked for their high-quality farming practices and commitment to never using artificial growth hormones.

The end result of this unique production process is PRONATIV®, the purest protein available. The process not only preserves the protein’s natural structure for a higher quality of protein per serving, but it also ensures that PRONATIV® has none of the added ingredients, chemical agents, high level of contaminants, and cheese residues commonly found in other protein products. The cold filtration ensures PRONATIV retains higher protein and leucine content with the least amount of processing. All while preserving the natural properties that enable the human body to quickly and easily absorb PRONATIV’s full nutritional value.