Rapid Rope

Rapid Rope is a unique system that provides rope in a canister that is just a little larger than a 12 oz soda can and features an integrated cutter. Each 14.5 oz canister contains 120 Feet of 1100 lb test flat braid rope that is easy to deploy and that is made in the USA! The Rapid Rope canister easily fits in your hand, pack, saddle, trunk, back seat, and even your drink holder. The cord deploys from the canister in any direction (even upside down), and if you drop the canister, it doesn’t unspool. You can actually deploy cord and cut it using just one hand.

Featured on season 11 of Shark Tank!

What Makes This Product The Coolest Thing Made In Idaho?

Like many Idaho products, Rapid Rope grew from personal experience. Inventor, Chris Rodgers, worked as an Idaho lineman and is an enthusiastic outdoorsman who frequently uses rope. Chris grew frustrated that whenever he needed a piece of rope, there was none around or it was a tangled, dirty, knotted mess with no way to cut it. Repeated frustration inspired Chris to create a rope system designed for everyone and for almost every task, from tying a Christmas tree on a car to tying down a trailer of goods. Everything about Rapid Rope screams IDAHO! In addition to being conceived in Idaho, Rapid Rope is produced by Chris and his family at their Idaho home. It is a product made by Idahoans for Idahoans and for anyone anywhere who may need a piece of rope. A unique aspect that makes this product cool is that it utilized a fellow Idaho manufacturer, TECH HELP, to help assist in the design of the product.

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