Rotomolded Hard Coolers

•Top Loader Latches – When prepping for travel, every inch of space counts. We use Top Loader Latches™ so you can pack tight and access what you need without moving surrounding gear.
•Anti-Slip Goat Feet – We didn’t name this cooler component Anti-Slip Goat Feet™ for nothing. Goat Feet™ pads won’t budge and keep your contents steady on a variety of surfaces. Added bonus: they prevent the cooler from directly touching hot surfaces, which greatly improves ice retention.
•Advanced Delrin® Drain Plug – Quickly drain excess water without losing efficiency. The drain plug is engineered to keep your cooler tightly sealed to maintain maximum ice retention.
•Certified Bear Resistant – Keep the bears away from your cold picnic basket with the Bear-Resistant lock feature. Sorry bears, stick to bark and berries, these beers are for us.
•Patented Lid Lock – Nobody wants a heavy lid to smack down on fingers when retrieving ice cold refreshments. The Lid Lock™ system keeps the lid up and locked in place at 70° and 90° for as long as you need it to.
•Anodized Aluminum Handles – Anodized aluminum handles are bolted together, rock solid and lock in place when carrying to provide the perfect grip with no swinging or binding.
•Built-In Bottle Opener – Forgetting the bottle opener at home is a drag but have no fear! Cordova has you covered with a bottle opener built right into the sturdy aluminum handles.
•Keeps Cold for Days – When pre-cooled, (getting the insulation in the cooler cold, which will melt your first batch of ice) the foam used in all Cordova hard side coolers is robust enough to keep your refreshments cold for days on end.

What Makes This Product The Coolest Thing Made In Idaho?

From design to finished product, we take pride in the fact that our rotomolded coolers are hand crafted from start to finish in Idaho, USA. Americans and Idahoans, especially, take an enormous amount of pride in knowing that their consumer goods are manufactured in the place they call home. Cordova Outdoors was built to meet the rigorous needs of commercial fishermen plying their arduous trade in the treacherous waters of the Bering Sea. Their livelihoods depend on hard work, a hearty spirit, and reliably strong equipment, including their coolers. From their first voyage in 2015 to their continuing adventures around the world, Cordova coolers have served their owners with robust American craftsmanship, thoughtful design, and remarkable affordability. Today, Cordova and a growing community of fellow outdoor enthusiasts firmly stand behind their coolers. Cordova Outdoors invites you to discover how good people making great gear can help make your adventures even cooler for a lifetime.
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