SensaBLE lighting control provides ThreadTM mesh networking and BluetoothTM enabled communication that allows full control and monitoring of complete lighting systems from anywhere in the world right at your fingertips!

What Makes This Product The Coolest Thing Made In Idaho?

Mesh networking!

The cool cat’s say: “Talk to your favorite light, tell him exactly what’s right, he’ll turn and go do it, and put the others up to it, while you go to sleep for the night.” SensaBLE users can be identified by their cool cat strut because they sleep soundly while saving loads of energy and stacks of cool cash with sweet features like:

• Grouping/Zoning (Assign behaviors to individual groups of lights). Well-behaved lights are cool.

• Dual Part-Night Lighting (It’s like a double date, but it saves you money). That’s gotta be cool.

• Motion Detection (Lights on when you need ‘em, off when you don’t). Old school cool.

• Min/Max Levels (“Not so dim, I can’t see!” / “Not so bright, I can’t see!”). New school cool.

• Demand Response (Shed some big kWh heat—the utilities pay you cool cash). Damn, that’s cool.

• Daylight Harvesting (Little bit’ a sun, little bit’ a light. It’s a group effort). Hmmhmm, cool.

• Over-the-Air Software Updates (Don’t miss those upgrades, ever). You know that’s cool.

• Cheaper than your Amazon Prime subscription: BAM! That’s super cool.

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