Spectrum Lighted Mirrors

From night to bright. Lights to see everything ahead, mirrors to see everything behind.

Spectrum Lighted Mirrors are nothing like your typical rear-view mirrors. The back of the mirrors is equipped with extremely bright LED lights that allow you to see everything ahead. The lenses can also be changed to yellow-amber light for dusty or snowy conditions. The convex-designed mirrors give the rider 2.5 more vision range than a regular flat mirror.

What Makes This Product The Coolest Thing Made In Idaho?

Spectrum Lighted Mirrors adapt to most UTV's and Jeeps, but if it doesn't Pro Motor Billet can customize them for whatever monster you have built. They are great for sand dune riding, trail riding, rock crawling, and even to help you with your night work. Their coating techniques allow the mirrors to offer the best clarity, and their convex design allows for the highest vision range. They are very easy to install, extremely durable. It is made in America, and the quality shows that!

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