The Table Vise

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The Table Vise is ideal for maximizing efficiency, run smaller parts and change operations frequently. A unique T-Hook allows the jaws to disengage in an open position for rapid changeout. Our one touch open and close feature provides consistent and repeatability clamping. The small footprint supports mounting multiple vises on a single table. The 6″ jaws allow for slightly larger parts to be run or allow multiple parts to be done at once. Ease of integration without the need to modify existing fixturing or labor-intensive set ups. The pneumatic AV&W Table Vise offers substantial time and cost savings while increasing consistency.

What Makes This Product The Coolest Thing Made In Idaho?

Air Vise's Table Vise can maximize a manufacturer's shop's potential by providing transitional capabilities from job to job, which adds value to their bottom line. Seconds turn to minutes and minutes become product. The Air Vise integrates well with automation, includes customizable soft jaws that are easy to interchange from job to job, in addition, is able to hold on to tough parts during production. Production at any shop can run smooth, consistent, and quick with Air Vise's Table Vise.