Tinted Polycarbonate UTV Roof

Double Ott roofs are designed for a wide variety of UTVs. These are made from 1/4" thick, high strength, tinted polycarbonate material. They are cut out with a CNC machine and can be engraved with different logos and designs. Double Ott roofs are designed to block heat, UV rays, and any precipitation, while still allowing you to maintain visibility and light in the cab. Exposure to the elements is reduced while visibility remains. All Double Ott roofs are made from one single piece of material, so there is no seam.

What Makes This Product The Coolest Thing Made In Idaho?

Double Ott Tinted Roofs allow UTV riders to be protected from the elements without losing visibility and light in the cab of their UTV. These roofs are available for a wide variety of different UTVs and they can even be engraved with logos and designs, like the American Flag, to give a more custom feel. The roofs are cut and engraved on a CNC machine, right here in Nampa, Idaho, to provide an ideal fit and finish. This is basically a panoramic sun roof for your UTV!
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