Trinity EagleBridge belt trailer

The EagleBridge belt trailer is designed to carry bulk products and offload at the back of the trailer utilizing a single drive segmented conveyor belt system originally invented, designed, and patented by Trinity. The operation of the trailer is made possible by using a state of the art hydraulic system. The EagleBridge utilizes a lightweight “frameless” body design that gives the trailer 18 degrees of flex, side-to-side, 36 degrees over all. This is most utilized in operations where a trailer will be required to go over any uneven terrain unloaded or loaded.

Trinity primarily uses stainless steel to construct the EagleBridge trailer. This gives the trailer longevity that is expected from a Trinity product. Time tested engineering and design gives the EagleBridge a sincere advantage over any other belt trailer on the market for life expectancy and retaining resale value down the road.

Trinity can customize an EagleBridge to meet your business’ specific needs with hundreds of different options. All Trinity EagleBridge trailers come with an unparalleled 3 year manufacturers warranty.

Products that can be hauled in an EagleBridge include but are not limited to potatoes, onions, beets, corn, cattle feed, seed, fertilizer, aggregate, crushed glass, scrap metal, wood chips, mulch, compost, and shredded tires.

What Makes This Product The Coolest Thing Made In Idaho?

Trinity started in on the edge of Boise, ID back in 1975. After Trinity invented the segmented belt trailer, the EagleBridge belt trailer became synonymous with farming and agriculture. In Idaho you will likely see a Trinity belt trailer hauling potatoes, onions, beets, cattle feed, or compost. Today, Trinity still manufactures in Boise, provides Service in Pocatello, and equips customers all over the world in numerous industries with our high quality products. Trinity empowers its employees to gain on the job training and experience to make them valuable members of the Trinity team and our community.

Trinity prides itself in being Made in the USA and Made in Idaho.

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