Volumetric Modular Housing

Since May of 2020, Autovol has manufactured more than 1,200 housing units, or modules, representing about twice that number of living spaces. Autovol is currently building its 9th project. About 80% of the construction of an Autovol multifamily affordable housing complex is completed before it leaves the factory. Autovol broke ground on its factory in late 2018, and has since become the highest-volume producer of volumetric modular housing in the West. What makes Autovol especially unique are its process and culture. Autovol is the first factory of its kind, using automation to take the heavy lifting off of people. Autovol has developed a culture centered around the concept of a Solutioneer: part pioneer, part engineer, all solution minded. The idea of people and robots working together as the new normal in construction is at the heart of the Solutioneer mindset…where robots empower humanity and the ability to put a much broader and more diverse set of people to work building desperately needed affordable housing.

What Makes This Product The Coolest Thing Made In Idaho?

The way Autovol is building is unique, worldwide. The product is extremely high quality. The employment opportunity is unique and progressive. Autovol has a solution for keeping the construction trades alive by providing an enjoyable place to learn and practice those trades that can act as a repeatable model. Autovol is merging manufacturing with the world's largest industry...construction...in a combination that can help fill the labor gap and put more homes on the market for people who can't currently afford them.